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H1N1 clinic on sunday

Is anyone else going to this?

I wasn't going to get the H1N1 and now DH signed me up.. not sure if I'm going but I thought I'd see who else is.


Re: H1N1 clinic on sunday

  • DH and I got ours this week. 

    L is signed up to go to a flu clinic at his ped on Saturday.  I need to decide today if I'm going to have him go or not.  He's in daycare and always has a cold so part of me thinks it's a good idea, but it's kinda scary at the same time.  I feel like it's just one of those things that there isn't a right or wrong decision and it's a roll of the dice either way. 

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  • Unfortunately, I don't live in Albany County. I did get mine the other day, and am hoping that our ped's office has more by the time we go in for Ian's 18 month appt. next week.
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