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Besides Harry and David . . .

What's a good place to order a gift basket from?  DH's brother's wife (so my SIL?) sent me a huge box of baby clothes.  And she always sends other gifts as well.  I want to send a thank you note and some sort of food gift basket.  I'd even do something with gourmet olive oils or something like that.

Any ideas? 


Re: Besides Harry and David . . .

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    Its a seafood company, but they have an olive oil basket (great products)


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    If she likes cookies....Byrd Cookie Company has some pretty amazing cookies.  I've also used Wine Country Gift Baskets in the past (they have much more than just wine baskets).     
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    I like Chelsea Market Baskets.  I use them a ton and have never had a problem.  I found them when we received a basket from someone.  It had the most delicious stuff!


    My mom always does Wine Country Gifts.  I have gotten some good treats from them as well.




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    Wine and Country Gift Baskets, they have so many nice ones (that don't include wine), I always send one for xmas to my friend in AZ. She doesn't drink but they have awesome chocolate, tea and spa baskets.
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    Yes to wine and country. My in laws always sent Harry and David to my parents for Xmas and my parents always sent Wine and country. The in H&D gift basket was like a third of the size as W&C. This year the In laws will be sending W&C and so will SIL. Hope all this new business doesn't cause them to raise prices.


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    i love the edible arrangements...the cut fruit that looks like flowers!
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    i love the edible arrangements...the cut fruit that looks like flowers!

    This.  I got my parents one once.  They loved it.

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