2nd Trimester

Big u/s clicky poll

I feel like the only one who doesn't know LO's gender.  LO wouldn't show us at the big u/s or the follow up u/s.  So...

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    Not there yet with this one, but we won't find out.  We didn't find out with either of our girls.

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    It was definite with this pg.  He showed all his boy parts.  With DD, they NEVER could tell and I had so many u/s I can't even count.
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    He wouldn't show us either! But luckily I had a great doc that told me to go for a walk and come back in an hour so I went and got an OJ and came back and we saw it within 2 minutes of her turning the machine on. If I were you I would pay for a 3d/4d ultrasound, its worth it ...
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