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Cost to deliver a baby?

Does anyone know how much it costs to deliver a baby?  I imagine that you stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 nights, and it's probably really expensive.  With the insurance I have, I pay 20% of whatever the costs is.  Just curious what kind of bills I'll be getting next June =)

 Thanks ladies!

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Re: Cost to deliver a baby?

  • Do you still pay 20% once you meet your deductible?
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  • This website brakes down all the different cost. 



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  • I really have no idea as I was on medicade with DD. However, they were going to release me that night but they had a few things that they wanted to monitor on the baby, so we stayed only one night I believe.  I pay 15% after deductible is met, after you meet your deductible your bills shouldn't be too bad. 
  • With my 1st so it was only $150 (10x the $15 copayments).  It was $2000 with my 2nd son under my DH's sh!tty insurance.  This baby will be $200 (10x the $20 copayments).  I don't remember if it was an 80/20 or a 70/30 plan.

  • Your doctor or ins. company should send you a letter letting you know what your responsibility will be. I am very blessed and will not have to pay anything out of pocket. There was a post about this in the past and it ranged from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. It all depneds on your ins.
  • my c/s bill was $25K. That didn't include the anesthesia, my OB or pediatric care. That was just the surgery and the stay. I think we paid aound $6K OOP for all the bills
  • Your OB or MW will likely give you this information at your first appointment (or if they didn't, they should give it to you if you ask for it).  It completely depends on the hospital or birth center you're in, plus your OB or MW's fees, and any complications/other additional expenses you encounter (C-sections are more than vaginal births; circumcision is an extra charge; etc.).  The total price you end up with will depend on where you are and your particular situation. 
  • I just googled it and some things say $5000-$8000 and some say $9000-$17000. So... somewhere between $5000-$17000. Yeah, I don't know.
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  • The billed amount for me to deliver DS was a little over $20,000.  That was a vaginal delivery with an epidural.  That also included about $3000 for DS to be in the NICU for about 8 hours.  Luckily, all I had to pay was $250 total. 

    ETA:  That was for a total 2 day/2 night stay.

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  • Later on in your pregnancy you will be able to talk to your hospital and get an idea from them. That being said, costs are very different depending on the situation. We didn't expect it and our sound was in the NICU. Just for one neurologist to look at him was $100,000. That isn't what we paid but what was billed to insurance. It all just depends but it is impossible to say a for sure amount you will owe.
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  • I know our hospital fee's are 3000 just for the delivery, add in around 1000-1500/night and its  about 5000+ if you have a csection.


    hope that helps! you can always call your hospital and ask! :) 

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  • My OB charges $4000 for the delivery.  With DD, the hospital charges were another $8K.  That was with an epidural.  So just for me it was $12K.

    DD's hospital cost was around $3500.

    I paid $200 total.

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  • I think total labor/delivery over night costs totaled a little more than $25K for me with Lil.
  • Our total is $270 

    I'm not sure of the GRAND total total though...just what our portion is.  All DH and I have to pay is 1 $20 copay (covers all doctor vists throughout pregnancy), and the $250 hospital fee.



  • This is one of the best questions I have seen on the bump. With DD we had private insurance and then tricare as a secondayr cause her dad was in the military. I didnt pay a thing...... So this time I am wondering what it will be with my Aetna coverage.

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  • My sister didn't have insurance and her bill for the delivery (epidural, etc.) and hospital stay was $14,000. 
  • Last time we had to pay a lab co pay each time for lab work which came to 210 dollars total, I had one co-pay for the doctor (you only pay the first one) which was only 40 dollars (they billed 350 though), and then that was it.

    Now I had complications and stayed in the hospital friday through wed and my DD was in the NICU from sat to wed.  So my total bill was around 100K for me and at least that for DD thank goodness we didn't have to cover any other that though

  • With DS I think our total out of pocket was around $3500.  I was in the hospital for 6 days though.  I was in labor for over 38 hours before they had to do an emergency c-section.  This time it should be less b/c I'm having a scheduled c-section.
  • Wow, this is eye opening! I really had no idea Americans had to pay so much just to have a baby...that's awful.

    For us midwife/OB care is covered by the government, so is the delivery & hospital stay, basically everything. The only thing that I have to pay for, which gets covered under my work insurance, is medications (like m/s meds), and a semi-private hospital room if I want one.


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  • When I first went on Tricare after DH and I got married, they told me all of pregnancy and delivery is 100% covered. I'm expecting this to be true- I did get a paper from my OB that said $6000 for delivery at the hospital I will be at, so I'm guessing insurance just pays the whole thing. I really do need to look into it more to be sure.
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  • You can call the local hospital you plan on delivering at and get an estimate.They actually have a  specific person for this! At my hospital I was told 8K to 9K for a natural birth and 12K to 14K for a c-section.
  • Thank god for insurance.  I only pay $100 copay whether it is vaginal or c-section and no matter how many nights I stay. 
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  • Wow, I'm so happy to see so many replies and good advice to get more info!  I have Aetna PPO, which means I don't have to stay in-network (no referrals and I don't have to choose a primary, so it's more flexible).  That said, after my deductible is reached, I pay 20% of the costs.  I also can put money away pre-tax (health care spending account) to cover the out of pocket expenses.  So, if my total bill is $15,000 as an example, I would pay 3 grand out of pocket.  YIKES!  More than I thought it would be, but that's the price I pay for flexibility of which doctor I can go to.  Considering I don't have an OB yet, this is an important choice (my GYN doesn't deliver anymore, so I'm on the hunt for a new doc)!  Thanks so much ladies!  
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  • i know that we got a breakdown when DD was born that it was a little over $15K for her delivery . . this was vagional delivery 2 night stay . . and epi . . with some complications. we ended up paying $250 of this and the rest was covered by insurance.

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