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Bradley vs Lamaze


Anyone use either of these. Opinions?

It's my first time pregnant and I'm a little freaked out about the pain factor of giving birth (I have low pain tolerance and I am a total wimp :)

And though I am not opposed to meds during birth, I would like to avoid them if possible. I was looking at the Bradley classes but my doctor is recommending Lamaze over the Bradley so now I'm confused.

Any opinions, suggestions, success stories about either are welcome.


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Re: Bradley vs Lamaze

  • This is just my opinion based on what I've been reading in childbirth books, etc. I personally feel that Bradley classes would be more effective in helping you achieve a med-free birth.  

    I went through Lamaze with my first but I knew I wanted an epidural so I wasn't focused on learning how to cope with pain, etc. I'm having my third in February and have read tons on natural childbirth and plan to go natural this time around.  

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  • From what I've seen and read on here Bradley would be more helpful in achieving a med free birth. You could post this on 0-3 or AP though- I know some women used Bradley....

    FYI- I have a low pain tolerance as well but did go natural. It can be done. One piece of advice I could give would be to research research research!!! There were so many things preventing me from wanting drugs and it wasn't based on my pain level- if it had been just about the pain I definitely would have gotten as many drugs as I could have! LOL.... 


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  • I didn`t take any classes but read both the bradley and lamaze books.  I did go completely natural in my birth and found that the pain really wasn`t that bad (pushing was worse, 4 hours, than the 8 hours of labor I had).  I would say if you want a pain free birth, practice practice practice.  My husband spent a good chunk of the 9 months pinching my thighs etc while I practiced breathing regularly and I must admit that I really do think this helped a lot. 

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • You need to decide first how important a drug free birth is to you.  I'm taking Bradley Classes now and i will admit they are very one sided.  they will only give you the info for a all natural birth (so natural that most don't even recommend a IV), which is great but if you have it in your mind ahead of time that you might get a epi then taken the Bradley classes aren't going to prepare you for that. 

    Most doctors recommend Lamaze b/c those patients are more likely to conform to how the doctors want to run things.  If your doctor is already recommencing Lamaze he or she isn't going to like the ways of Bradley where as i found a doctor that actually has used Bradley her self. 


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