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How many do you have (mommy edition)

so last week I asked about stuff for the LO- but now its about you

nursing bras

nursing tanks


(since I'm going to try BFing- my bias is on these items but if you had some item of clothing that was particularly comfy or useful...please share that with me...) 

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Re: How many do you have (mommy edition)

  • Honestly, I had a horrible time finding nursing bras that I liked that didn't cost a fortune.  So, I only had one.  I did, however, have about 6 nursing tanks.  Loved them!  I wore them under everything, to bed with PJ pants, all the time...  I wore a lot of button down shirts with a tank under them.  And as I finally ventured out to shop for new clothes for me, I found myself always thinking as I tried on new shirts, "How easy would it be to nurse in this???"  Stick out tongue
  • I only wear my sleep bras... I have 3. I bought 2 regular nursing bras and don't like them at all. I wear shelf bra tanks during the day, and if I'm going out I just wear a regular bra. I have a few different nursing tanks, but I don't love them either.
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  • I had two nursing bras for a long time.. eventually I bought a third but I didn't like it as much. They are expensive so I didn't have that many.. The ones I loved (Bravado Body Silk) were $50 a peice.

    Tanks.. I had 2 bravado ones and 4 target ones.. I wore these most of the time.. 

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  • Abba - are you keeping a list of these responses? Can I just steal it from you after your LO is here? :-p
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  • i had one nursing bra- i say 'had' b/c one of the straps broke and i never replaced it. and even before the strap broke, i found my sports bras much more comfortable around the house and have pretty much lived in them.

    i had one nursing tank that was part of a pj set, i havn't used it since early summer. most of these past 5.5 months since having Michael i've lived in DH's t-shirts, or tank pj tops around the house.

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  • nursing bras - 2 Regular, 1 Sleepnursing tanks - 2 nursing tanks, 2 regular ones that are really stretchy that I can just pull down.
  • Definitely wait until after you have the baby and actually I'd wait a week or so after he's born to go get them...otherwise you most likely will end up with the wrong size, because you don't know what size you'll be after you have him and swelling and whatever else goes up or down. I LOVE my nursing bras. I got them at Motherhood Maternity and they were only $20 a piece and don't look like a nursing bra. They look like the satin deep plunge bras from VS.
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  • I had 6 bravado nursing tanks and 3 bravado bras.  Yes, these were quite an investment, but I lived in those tanks for over a year.  The bras I only had for work, just because my hands-free pump had adaptors for the bras but not for the hooks on the tanks (it's the medela freestyle).  Otherwise I wore the tanks under sweaters or sweatshirts in the winter, and by themselves in the summer.  They were so comfy I kinda miss them.  I ordered 2 pre-baby, and once DS was here and I found out I'd guessed the right size, I got the rest.  And I know some ppl swear by the target tanks, but I need a small size w/ a big cup (34F/G) so they did not fit me at all!
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  • Ya, I returned my target tanks and those were the only tanks I tried.  They were too small and I followed the chart.  I just was too lazy to order the next size up and never bothered.

    I have the medela softcup bra which I hate.  The straps are too small so when I lengthen them the pad that is supposed to be on top of your shoulder is accross my collarbone.  This was also the most expensive.

    The medela comfort bra I like a lot.  But for the money I would have rather had another bravado for comfort and how it looks under shirts or even a few extra target bras now that I am only supposed to wear it one time then wash due to yeast.

    My favorites are the target sleep bra and bravado silk bra.

    I do have the light support sleep bra from motherhood.  It is comfortable during the day, but when I sleep on my side my boob on top kinda falls out a little and then the elastic is accross my nipple which is not comfy!

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