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This is probably a REALLLY dumb question, but....

Okay, having had a loss before I'm more than okay with admitting that I am a very big worrier/Nevous Nellie/whatever you want to call it.  Here's my question: I'm 18 weeks today and honestly feeling a ton of movement. I'm positive that it's the little one dancing away in there.  Solid kicks and punches at times, mostly at night when I'm laying down, I can feel so much...  Is there such a thing as too much movement so early? Would that be indicitive of anything being wrong?  Or maybe I'm just lucky to be feeling so much this early???

Like I said, I know it's a dumb question, but I had to ask....  Thanks for not flaming me hopefully! Smile

Re: This is probably a REALLLY dumb question, but....

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    Don't worry my LO moved so much my husband could feel her when I was 19 weeks.  When I had my 21 week US it took over an hour and 1/2 because she would not stop moving.  The doc said everything was fine and it was nothing to worry about.

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    You are fine. It's not even that early.?
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    It isn't a dumb question at all.  You are probably feeling more movement because you yourself aren't moving (if that makes any sense).  I have been feeling a lot of movement at night when I am lying down too.  At my level 2, LO wouldn't stop moving, it was really pretty funny.  The doc said everything was wonderful.

    ;) amy

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    I dont think too much movement is a bad thing.....both my pregnancies entailed babies who were extremely active at night, esp when I was laying down.  Usually starts around 7pm w/some movement and by the time I go to bed around 10p he's flipping and kicking and punching until about 1am.  Enjoy the feeling!  :-)
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    No flames, here.

    You're fine...sounds like your LO is very active. :)

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    You are fine. It's not even that early.

     This. I felt my LO since 14 weeks (with both pregnancies).  Lots of movement is only a good thing ;)

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