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Talk me into/out of buying a travel system...

I've heard pros (cheaper than buying a stroller and a carseat) and cons (heavy). I was thinking of getting the Graco SnugRide 32 and a snap-in stroller frame.  This combo plus a stroller for when the baby grows will come to about $500...so the travel system is about half that. But, I've heard a lot of moms say they hate the travel system b/c it's just too bulky.

Help...what are your experiences? 

Re: Talk me into/out of buying a travel system...

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    I just got mine in today and put it together. It's not heavy at all. It's the Flex-Loc Travel System by BabyTrend.


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    My experience is that I have the travel system and I stopped using it when DD was about 6 months old. ?About that time is when you can stop carrying them around sleeping in the infant carrier, so I wished I had gotten the snap and go, but they came out with it just after she was born and it was too late by then.

    My advice - get the Snug Ride and the Snap n Go and then a regular stroller later... I have four strollers and my favorite is the Phil n Ted's and I wish I'd just gotten ONLY that one in the beginning because it is car seat compatible, can be a single OR a double, is fairly lightweight (not like an umbrella stroller, but similiar to the Metrolite) and can be a regular stroller or a jogger. ?It was well worth the money. ?I got it when #2 came, but wished I'd gotten it before and not wasted the money on the other three strollers.?

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    We're definitely buying a travel system. I've used a few Graco travel systems that I absolutely love because they're lightweight. My niece's one I could pick up with one hand while it was folded no problem.

    I think you'd have to measure the one you're interested in buying to see if it fits in your car. I'm not too worried about the bulkiness, since DH and I don't have a car.

    Good luck on your decision!

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