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7wks later - birth story

Im finally getting around to posting this. I went for my 40 wk chk up on thurs (9/17) and was supposed to get my membranes stripped. I saw a different dr and she didn?t do it. I was having contrax that were mild and 10 min apart. Friday the dr called back and wanted to do a u/s to check my fluids. I went the whole wknd with the contrax which never progressed. Monday @ 1130 I went in to the hosp for my U/S and they said my fluid was semi low. I went over to the drs office and she then stripped my membranes. I was 3 almost 4 cm. I still was having mild contrax at this point they were abt 8-9 min. After all of that it was abt 2pm. I got home and my contrax were down to 6 min and getting stronger. They hit 5 min @ 6pm. We left for the hospital and got there @ 615 they were 4 min apart and I was 4 cm. They gave me meds to help me sleep but it didn?t work bc then they gave me pitocin so it cxld out the previous meds. They left me a lone for a while and came back to check abt 2hrs later I was abt 7 cm. They talked of ordering the epidural but wanted to wait to see if I wld dilate anymore. They ordered the epi @ 10 I didn?t get it till 12am. I felt the epi all but 10 min bc they came back in and upped my Pitocin drip!!! So basically it cxld out the epi. They said I was only to feel pressure but I felt more then pressure. It was almost as if I didn?t even get the epi at this point I felt every contrax and every other pain. Around 1:15am I was feeling so much more pressure and pain and the urge to push. Finally it was time.. I knew it was time. 1 started pushing around 1:40 am and @ 2:03am my little girl was born! I just knew for sure I was going to cry bc im an emotional person and well? just bc lol but when she came out I heard her cry and they layed her on me no tears shed at all? she was the most beautiful being I had ever seen! Taya Loren was finally here. She was 6lb8oz and 19inches long with a head full of dark hair and beautiful big gray eyes. Shes now 7wks old today! And just as beautiful and perfect as the day she was born
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