2nd Trimester

eagerly waiting for the excitement to return

so i've hit the lull...i knew i would. it's inevitable. it's the joyous inbetween stage where nothing exciting seems to be going on...and you feel almost back to your non pregnant self and long for some of those guilty pleasures....

i want SUSHI- spicy tuna rolls (my preg belly can't handle tuna)

a PEPSI- (again every time i drink it i puke for hours)

to sleep through the night

A BEER or a 12 Pack to be more honest

once i feel movement, learn the gender, etc. i will be back to my excited self...shopping distracts everything!

Re: eagerly waiting for the excitement to return

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    I'm with ya on that!  I feel like the time is just dragging now....nothing exciting going on at all.  Hopefully my appt. next week will bring back some excitement!
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    Kind of starting to feel the same way too. Except I still have no appetite so I can't even enjoy eating at this point! :) I am sure the next couple weeks will bring  lots of excitement so I just keep thinking about that. And with the holidays around the corner I am starting to get more and more excited.
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    Oh my gosh do I want a beer! I just started liking it and I live in WI so we have some great beer here and I would LOVE one!
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    Well put...I feel the same way.

    1st tri seemed to go by fast (mainly becase I didn't find out I was PG until 8 wks) but 2nd tri seems to be going so slow.  I am excited for my 1st appt with the OB next week and I am looking forward to the big U/S, but it all still seems so far away....

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    I do love shopping my new obsession has become Miche Bags have you seen thier stuff? I bought myself 5 shells and a base.


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