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Too much stress and Baby?

What does too much stress do to the baby? Fiance thinks I should go back to my OB and ask about my stress levels and how to deal with it, and also how to stabilize my moods. He's worried about what my stress is doing to the baby, and now I am too. Should I talk to my OB? What can the Doctor really recommend to relieve stress and help my mood?

Why I'm asking:

First off, I've always been a stressor and a worrier but lately this is extreme even for me. Fiance realized last night that I'm not as happy about the pregnancy as I've made everyone think I am. He realized because I am having trouble convincing myself of the lie now and I cracked on the phone last night and again this morning. I really want to be ecstatic like everyone else but I just can't seem to get myself there. I have occasional moments of happiness like when we finally found a boy name we both kind of like but they are very short lived next to the down turns in my mood which can go from hours to days before I feel like I'm in a neutral mood again.

Re: Too much stress and Baby?

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    You definitely need to talk to your doctor ASAP. I don't know the exacts on what stress does to the baby, but I know it's in no way healthy.

    Also, depression during pregnancy can indicate possible PPD once the baby is here.

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    Its my understanding that stress has no effect on baby. Just like they say stress cannot cause a M/C, it can't physically harm the baby....unless it effects moms appetite in a negative way ( eating to little OR to much) Then you get into low birth/high birth weight, GD... yadda yadda. If you jsut worry...I wouldn't be concerned about it. Even if you're not that excited about the pregnancy yet...thats OK. It took me a good 4-5 motnhs to get excited about DD#1, she wasn't planned. What you're experiencing wouldn't harm the baby.
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    To me it sounds more like depression or the beginning of it then stress. Because you can't seem to get excited over things. It happens to a lot of women so don't feel bad and it is very good that you are recognizing it. Definitely go and talk to your doctor about some options to help you. I hope things start to turn around.
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    well, i had several severe stressful moments while pg w/ #1 and we both turned out just fine.  i will say that depression DURING pg can be normal and you're definitely not alone.  i would at least bring this topic up w/ your dr either now or at your next appt as you'll want to keep on top of this ESPECIALLY once baby gets here.  
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    I am a worrier to the extreme. During my first pregnancy I worried a ton and it had no adverse effects on my dd. Try to do things that make you happy and relaxed (listening to your fav music really helps me). It certainly wouldn't hurt to bring it up to your doctor. For me I know my anxiety is highest during pregnancy. Just keep talking about it, it will make you feel better!! Thoughts and prayers to you!
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    When I read that EXTREME stress can lead to low birth weight, it worried me even more than normal. "Normal" to me is a lot of worry....I'm a stresser and a worrier by nature. I'd give you examples, but if I do that here, people will think I'm even more weird. Angel I'm thinking "extreme" in their definition is the kind that keeps you in bed or sick for days. I think it has an effect when it effects YOU and the way in which you take care of yourself.

    Do talk to your doctor, however, because he/she should be aware of the situation and may be able to offer help. I don't want to overstep boundaries, but perhaps you may want to consider counseling as well if you think the situation/your feelings need sorting out.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks Ladies. I didn't really consider depression but it could be a potential reason for the way I'm feeling and not just the stress. Fiance's been calling every few hours now to chat with me so I think it will help if I talk it out with him often. He's also going to take some time off and spend 10 days with me over Thanksgiving. I'll talk to the doctor also since I have to do some blood work this week anyway.

    This baby is unplanned (we've only known for about 6 weeks) and it completely broadsided us. I've just started on a research based PhD program so I can almost see my career plans spiraling the drain, although I know the baby doesn't mean I have to completely alter my plans. Slow them down, yes, but not trash them. 

    Anyway, Thanks Again Ladies! 

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