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Birth of my twins....year later

I was scheduled for c section on november 3rd because I was told twins were both breech and I was high risk. I swore since the wednesday before my water was slowly breaking so i called my ob and they sent me to OB. The did the cotton swab thing and it changed a tiny amount of color. The ob nurses thought i was right but my jerk of an ob said Nope go home and come back saturday for your pre admission testing. So saturday comes and I am MISERABLE and not very pleasant to be around either. I begged them to just let me stay and deliver but the doctor wasn't going to allow. I get home and 4 hours later i feel something dripping down my leg. Not a huge gush but just fluid enough to soak my pants though. I called the ob who said "Oh you probably just peed your pants, wait an hour call me back if happens again". So 40 minutes go by and it happens again. Call her again says....I still think you peed your pants but go the hosptial and you will be checked. Than she tells me by the way I am out of town and and won't be there so another Dr will her! WTF...why did she tell me this from the beginning since she wasn't in charge of my care if she was away! Get to the hospital and I had convinced myself that i wasn't going to deliver because that was just my luck so i refused to bring my bags. Sure enough My water did break. All of sudden they are rushing me around to get me delivered but they had to wait for 2 teams to get there because they need one team for each baby. They decided to do an ultrasound and long behold my twins were not breech. So Dr asked who told me they were and i told her my ob. They went and checked my old u/s and never once was my son (TWIN A) breech. Apparently my dr just wanted  csection! i had to go with c section anyway because I was taking blood clotting medicine and it was long enough in between the doses!

 Now, I am in the OR and they are trying to get spinal in my back. Mind you this was huge concern for me with major back problems and i asked over and over again if i could even get spinal during my pregnancy of course i was told of courseyou can. An hour later and 25 attempts of pure torture the assisting OB told the anethisoligst enough already put her to sleep. They started to prep including using masking type tape to hold my HUGE belly up. The next i remember was waking up asking for my babies they put my little girl in my face.

 Preston Perry was born 11:20pm at 11/1/08 - 6lbs 3 oz and 18 andd 1/2 inches long

Jordana Kathleen was born 11:21pm 7lbs 10oz and 19 and 1/2 inches long.

They were born at 36 weeks!


My recovery was awful not because of the c section it's self but from the spinal because I now have nerve damage from it.


I am due anyday (yes a year later) to have another baby and having another c section but this time they are going straight to general no spinal for me

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Re: Birth of my twins....year later

  • Congrats on your twins!

    I love the names. Jordana was one of our choices.

    I posted my birth story just today as well.. although not a yr later only 7 wks but hey with twins i can see why you waited. Congrats on your soon to be arrival as well!!!

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  • Wow what a story...GL the next time around.
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  • Love your name choices! Congrats, and hope this delivery goes well for you.
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