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What age are you getting LO baptized? ?We're due the end of February and my younger brother is studying abroad in Italy through April, so I want to wait until he comes back. ?I don't think that's too late, is it?

Also, how many Godparents is "recommended"? ?We're Lutheran, so we're not dealing with any set rules. ?I would like my uncle and my SIL, but do you ask one part of a couple (my uncle) without asking the other (his wife)? ?I like her, but if we ask both my uncle and aunt, I would feel the need to ask both his sister and BIL, so now we're up to 4 people. ?Seems a little much.?

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Re: Baptism/Godparents

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    We will do it sometime in the summer I am sure. We have to travel to Chicago so I am sure we will do it then. I am Episcoplain sp? and if the baby is a girl she has two godmothers and a godfather. Vice versa.


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    not too late at all. DD was born in Dec, baptized in May. and I guess you could have as many Godparents as you want but I don't think that it is a big deal to ask 1/2 of a couple. For dd and for this baby we will have one Godparent from my side of the family, one from Dh's side, with no regard to their significant others
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    2 months is fine!

    And, you are under no obligation to use their partners as well. 

    We choosing my sister and my favorite uncle. 

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    I am Catholic and we have one Godmother and one Godfather - atleast that is all I have ever heard of. 

    I don't think the timing is bad at all.  THe only thing may be though that your minister may recommend getting the baby baptised if you plan on going on a long trip or on a plane.  I was actually baptized twice, once before we left to head on a trip so I could be baptised and then my "actual" baptism...I think the first was more like a blessing than a baptism though.

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    We are planing for around 7weeks for our baptism. We just picked one of each, SO should understand that it isn't a group thing
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    I'm Catholic, too, and my grandma is so Old School that my Mom wasn't "allowed" to take me out of the house except for doctor's appointments until after I was baptized.  I agree with the belief that if an infant dies before baptism, its poor little soul stays in Limbo until the 2nd coming.  Kind of heavy, eh?  Anyway, I want our baby baptized within a month of birth.

    Godparents have been difficult for me to choose because DH isn't Catholic and has no Catholic friends.  I have a friend in mind for Godmother but am at a loss for a Godfather.  My brother lives 12 hours away and is not the best example of a Catholic man to serve as a guide for my child.  Thank goodness I have several months to figure this out.  :)

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