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GDiapers-- has anyone used these?

Any experiences? stories? details ? Just read about them on a magazine and wanted to see if anyone has tried these?

Re: GDiapers-- has anyone used these?

  • Never heard of it but just looked at the website through your link. I would totally consider trying these! They make sense...
  • I registered for some to try out.  I want to go entirely cloth, but figure these are a good option for outings and such.
  • My friend swears by them! She loves them... Don't know anymore details, sorry!
  • I did not get them but a mommy in my LLL group loves them and said that she would never use anything else.  IF I would have learned about them earlier I would have tried them.

  • Ok, I'm kind of a dork.  But I did a whole bunch of research when I had my own two darling girls so I put it up on my website.


    I think that elimination communication in partnership with cloth/G-diapers/bumis etc is great.  And with EC, my first was out of diapers during the day at the end of 13 month.  My second is doing most of her poops and pees on the potty and she's almost 1. 

    My bias is that I really don't like diapers!  And I'm kind of lazy, so I prefer for my girls to go to the potty on their own.

    goodl uck!


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