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How far would you travel for your pedi?

I'm in the process of narrowing down potential pediatricians... once I narrow down the list, I'll set up appointments/interviews (mainly to ask about protocol, hours, vaccination schedules, etc)....

My question is:  How far would you be willing to travel for your pediatrician?  There are many that are within 10 minutes of our house- that are really good... but I have a few STELLAR recommendations that are about a 30-35 minute drive (each way). 

Also, are their hours deal-breakers?  For instance, there is one pediatrician that comes HIGHLY recommended in the same practice as another pediatrican that comes recommended-  the HIGHLY rec'd pedi has "normal hours" while the other pedi has "Extended and Saturday Hours"

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Re: How far would you travel for your pedi?

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    I drive about 40 min to my pedi, i think its worth if for a good pedi, but everybody is different.
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    With as many times as the baby goes to the doctor, I would go with the ones within 10 minutes of the house.  I would also go with one with extended and Saturday hours.
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    Our pedi is a 25-minute drive; it used to be 40 minutes before we moved. That said, there is a highly recommended pedi in our new town -- a five-minute drive -- and I've considered switching.

    As for the hours, ours has extended hours three days a week and is open for "urgent sick visits" on Saturdays. It's comforting to have even though we haven't had to use them yet.

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    I love my pedi and would go to the moon if necessary, but luckily only have to drive about 40 minutes. It is so worth it to have someone you trust!
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    Ours is 10 minutes with traffic BUT I will say that the main reason we chose this pedi for my stepdaughter is because her old pedi was 30 minutes away.  She is in 4th grade and it is really difficult to get her to her old pedi when she was in school.  She would have to be picked up early and it was just a pain.  Now we have more apt times available that don't mean pulling her out of school early.  Plus I can run her over if it is a last minute thing instead of hauling her to another town-especially if she isn't feeling well and then having to haul the baby on top of that.

    I would just consider whether you would want to do that drive and have to pull her out of school later on down the road.  Our school district is tough and DH and I prefer her to finish the school day.

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    I wouldn't immediately rule out the ones that are a further drive but I would consider it in my decision. We chose a pedi that is 20 minutes away.

    Regarding the hours, I would not be concerned as much with the individual doctor's hours as I would with the practice in general. You can always see another pedi for a sick visit if yours is not available.

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