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NBR: Found a corner shelf on CL...painting tips?

I got this cute 5' corner shelf for the babies room and its made out of fake wood.  I want to stain it or paint it.  I have no idea how to do it though (the right way). Has anyone painted faux wood furniture pieces before and have any tips on how to do it right?



Re: NBR: Found a corner shelf on CL...painting tips?

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    The advancements in spray paint are really cool. I picked out a couple colors at Home Depot that work great on Wood and Faux Wood.
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    I wouldn't attempt to stain fake wood, but you should be able to paint it.  Just scuff it up a smidge first, so the paint sticks and don't use oil paint.
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    Def. don't stain it. You'll want to use a sanding block--try a mid grain so it's not too soft, not too hard-and scuff it up just a bit as pp said. Go with a spray paint, I personally like Valspar. Make sure you wear or mask or have DH/SO do it for you. Once you have the desired color how you want it, spray a clear lacquer over it. GL!
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    To All: Thanks! I will go and look at whats available at Lowe's or walmart. I bought the shelf for 5 bucks, so I'm really excited on the deal. The paint will no doubt cost more than the piece, LOL.
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