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I have read a lot on here about how travel systems are bulky and heavy, but we bought ours and it's not bulky, not heavy and super easy to fold up and unfold.  Everybody I know who has kids (and that's a lot of people because me and my friends are at that age....) has a travel system and raves about them, so I'm just wondering why so many people here seem to find them so bad?

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Re: Travel Systems

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    I wondered the same thing.  My SIL has a travel system and swears by it.  Granted, once her LO was older she bought a cheapie stroller for leaving in the car to go to the mall or something, but got plenty of use and loved her travel system.
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    I have the Chicco Travel System and I love ours.  It has worked perfect for dd, with the carrier and with out.  I plan on using it for ds as well.  We will be buying another stroller, double, but I will also continue to use the Chicco travel system.  Mine is not heavy, bulky, and is easy to fold.  I just think it depends on your preference.  
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    I did my reg at BRU and got the matching travel system to the babies pnp. When I looked it over it was easy to use, light, and looked like it would last, so i'm happy with the one I chose.
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    I agree, we love our Baby Trend jogger travel system.
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    I've heard the opposite reviews from nearly all friends and family that have travel system- they complain about them, and one is actually ditching it for her second and using instead a car seat/frame combo with a lightweight stroller. When it comes down to it though, personal choice I guess. The baby jogger city mini weighs less than 17 pounds and you just pull one tab and the think folds up quick and easy. I also personally like the three wheel design.
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