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St. John's v. UCLA/Santa Monica

I'm trying to figure out where to deliver.  I am due February 20, 2010.  Our options are St. John's or UCLA/Santa Monica.  Anyone heard anything positive or negative about either.  I'm scheduled for the tours next month, but was hoping to make some decisions soon.  Thanks!

Re: St. John's v. UCLA/Santa Monica

  • I think UCLA/SM has a brand new birthing center.  Where does your OB usually deliver?
  • I toured both and will go with UCLA-SaMo.  Mostly because I'm having twins and they seem to have more experience with twins.   I've heard good things about both, so you really can't go wrong, but my OB said that she feels UCLA-SaMo has a slightly better post-pardum care for the mom.  Again, though, she said you can't go wrong with either.
  • Go to St Johns.  UCLA was too damn crowded.  I hate to wait in a staging room before each recovery room.  Esp after a CS, it really really sucked balls.
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