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Help I'm a human pacifier?!

My 7 week old son is breast fed and does really well with it. After he's finished eating he'll want to suck on me until he falls asleep. If I try to remove him while he's just sucking and not eating he'll get extremely mad and scream his head off at me. I have tried introducing a pacifier and he does take it but will spit it out after a few minutes and wont take it back. He's gained a very healthy amount of weight since birth so I know he's getting enough to eat. He'll stay on my for hours if I let him. I'd like to be able to get other things done and I am going back to work in 3 weeks and am concerned he'll just scream the whole time since he wont have me as a pacifier. I'd like to enjoy my baby in other ways than just his source of food and pacifier. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

Re: Help I'm a human pacifier?!

  • Yeah, I've tried a couple different brands of pacifiers. I've found one he seems to like the most but he still would prefer me. Thanks for the tip though! Maybe I'll try a few more!
  • I have a suggestion.  Try feeding, then change his diaper and play with him a bit and then have him take his nap once he looks sleepy. Eat, Play, Sleep. He will learn to not associate eating with going to sleep.  I did this with my DS and although he still only sleeps ON me, he doesn't need to suck to go to sleep anymore (though I still let him do it on occasion since he won't take a pacifier).   
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