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complaining because I'm half awake...

DH, why oh why do you put Joseph down for bed at 6pm at night when I am at work? Don't you realize that he will most definitely wake up at some point in the early evening to eat and then wake up even earlier the next morning for the day and while you slumber away in bed I am up for the day at 4? WHY?!

(i'll probably wake up tomorrow morning feeling like a brat that I wrote this, but I feel better having vented this now. goodnight) 


Re: complaining because I'm half awake...

  • Ugh.. I am always super frustrated when Eve gets up early on the days when I get home from work late..And DH almost never gets up in the morning with her..
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  • Oh I know! It's tough b/c I know DH does things with good intentions but I swear they have to think "long term" about us, lol.
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  • Yikes!  And don't worry at all about posting this - I would, too!
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  • i would feel the same way- hope Joseph slept in a little bit!!
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