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did you feel different before labor

Did you feel different the week/weeks before going into labor? In one of my classes, they mentioned you may feel like your getting the stomach flu, feel like you're getting menstral cramps, etc. Just wondering what you experenced and how far before you actually went into labor?

Re: did you feel different before labor

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    Nope. Nothing at all. I went to bed on a Wednesday night sure I would end up being induced soon and woke up Thursday morning in labour.
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    With my first son - there were no signs at all until my water broke.
    With my second son - it felt like I was in labour for a month before! I had braxton hicks ALL THE TIME - which I now think were actually progressing me since I was already 5 cm dilated before even feeling a "real" contraction.
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    With DS #1 I had no signs that I was going into labor, not even any Braxton Hicks.  With DD #2, 2 days before I went into labor, I felt like I was about to start my period.  And then I had small contrax the day before labor too.
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    never had braxton hicks, so no signs at all here. my first sign of labor was my water breaking...absolutely nothing before that.
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    I had been having braxton hicks for a few weeks. I was checked 3 times and everytime I wasn't dialated at all, just low and soft. My last appointment was on a Thursday. My water broke that Sunday night. I felt fine before this happened.
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    the only thing I have to say is that I peed ALOT more the day my water broke.  I mean on a average day I peed like 6 times during the work day and I peed doubled that in a 6hr day.
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