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Feeling a little out of my element

I'm six weeks pregnant (confirmed by my OB) and I have yet to experience the "symptoms" of pregnancy. No cravings, morning sickness, nothing. The only difference is my insomnia has gotten worse, and I end up EXHAUSTED after the littlest things. This is my second pregnancy (my first being 12 years ago - I have an 11 year old son) and I had morning sickness for four straight months with my son. It's almost as if I don't FEEL pregnant, and it's not real yet. Anyone else experience this?

Re: Feeling a little out of my element

  • My morning sickness did not start until about 9-10 weeks. Then it got really bad and didn't let up until about the 16th week or so. I also never experienced any cravings, maybe little ones here and there but nothing out of this world. Everyone's pregnancies are different but keep your fingers crossed that you don't experience any morning sickness at all!
  • Yes, I am experiencing just what you wrote.  I just found out that I'm pregnant (last week).  I have no symtoms so it doesn't really feel real to me yet either!   I haven't even seen a doc yet. 
  • I am experiencing the same thing also. No morning sickness nothing. This has me worried , does not feel real to me. This is also my second child. My first is seven.
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