2nd Trimester

Updated List for Labor Buddies

I'll be back tomorrow to get the daytime ladies. Happy buddy hunting!

This is a list of the Bumpies with no labor buddies that want one. Your buddy is someone you can hopefully count on, because be honest we all need a shoulder to lean on/ gripe to and also the original point was so when you go into labor you need to have someone keep us all posted so we aren't wondering what happened to you! Try to pick some one whose due date is at least 3 weeks before or after yours. No sense in having a labor buddy that has her baby the same week you do. (as pointed out by Adcffaa). So, needless to say connect with your buddy often to see how they are doing!

Brytany09-                           EDD Feb 12~March1 (TBA)

D.Smith-                              EDD March 1

Mitchelltheojua-                    EDD March 8

Rchelone-                            EDD March 11

murphy420                          EDD March 21

MrsRJames -                       EDD March 27

Rache22-                             EDD March 27

Sddriggs-                             EDD April 3

Cajungirl0717-                      EDD April 4

SoldiersHousewife-                EDD April 6

sejaernathy -                        EDD April 07

Jessys_Girl-                         EDD April 10

MrsJazzAirForceWife -          EDD April 15

PrincessLinLin-                     EDD May 17

Mellieg8582 -                        EDD April 18

Dashskidaddle -                   EDD April 26

Lesalia 217 - 






So I think the best way is for everyone to contact their buddy of choice and exchange hellos and when the partnership is agreed upon. Post your names back here. If there is anyone else that wants a labor buddy and not on the list here's your chance. Post your name and EDD. Even you lurkers out there!


Matched Bumpies~

Adcffaa ~ Vanessazimi

Peppermintpattie  *April 10  ~ Paradisemoon  *April 25

Wachs *May 12 ~ Katieloulovesyou *May 3

Wildflower *April 6 ~ Adamstrodrake *March 30

archna  *March 24 ~  FemmeFatalenat01  *April 29

Sassafras007 *April 18 ~ Italiannvegas  *March 29

rohansmom *May 9 ~  Beansi *May 9

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