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help! I cant keep anything down

Hi there. Hope yall can help me out since my doctor seems to think this is normal. I just entered my second trimester a couple weeks ago and ever since that time I have been having more frequent morning sickness. I am fine with that but the problem has started to become more serious. There are some days that I can not keep anything down. Not even water. And I know that I am hungry and the baby is not getting any nutrients from the food. This isn't just once in a while either. It's all day every two to three days and it's starting to worry me. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening as frequently? Thank yall so much!

Re: help! I cant keep anything down

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    I think I would get a second opinion...
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    If you are not able to keep anything down, ask your doctor for Zofran. It's a prescription that helps with nausea. M/s is normal, but you need to get Zofran if you aren't able to keep anything down.
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    how many times are you throwing up a day? i know the dr was not concerned for me too until i was not peeing at all and that was when i went to the hospital to get IV fluids.. you should also request for zofran - it didnt help me until i got the pump but it apparently does wonders for many other people.. 
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    i have the same exact problem.

    My doctor prescribed my promethezine. 

    I have to take it every morning or i cant eat anything all day..b/c  i just end up throwing it up.. even water


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    I'd get a new OB. There's no reason you should have to suffer this much, even if m/s is "normal." That's like telling a woman in labor she can't have an epidural because the pain is normal.

    My RE and OB both gave me meds before I even started vomiting, I just felt like it 24/7.

    Zofran, reglan, and phenergan are all good Rx option.

    I hope you feel better soon.

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    Be persistant with your doctor and like the other girls said at least try to get a prescription for zofran. My m/s is still bad but I found I feel alot better if I snack on dry salty crackers all day. Try goldfish, saltines, pretzels...just eat a few before you get up and all throughout the day. I also heard ginger might help. good luck!
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    Hound your doctor until s/he prescribes something for you. And head to the ER for fluids.

    I have been there...I threw up all day, every day for months (I'm talking 2-6 times a day. DAILY) and I fought and fought and fought my doctor for Zofran. She told me it was normal. Normal my asss.

    It took me ending up in the hospital twice for her to realize I was sicker than "typical morning sickness."  At 15 weeks I was finally able to get on Zofran and it really helped. My vomiting is pretty much gone now and my nausea is under control.

    GL and hang in there....you'll survive!

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    I would definitely ask your dr. for a prescription, pay attention to your urine output- how often and the color. If you are becoming dehydrated your doctor can do a quick urine dip to check for ketones in your urine which will guage how dehydrated you are--also just to make you feel a little better (as bad as this sounds) your baby is like a parasite--it takes the little nutrients you do get and whatever nutrients your body has stored, so LO is okay right now but you will feel HORRIBLE (b/c the small amount of nutrients you have left are being used by baby). I feel your pain!! Hopefully you can find something that works--also if you can keep zofran tablets down they offer zofran dissolvable tablets that are a little easier and if THAT doesnt work as for phenergan suppositories
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    Thank you all so much. I have another appointment with my OB on Tuesday and I will definately ask her for something to help me with the nausea. And if she continues to think this as normal then I will be as persistant as I can (or take my husband with me so he can be persistant, lol). I just wanted to add another little question before I go. Has anyone got sick and afterwards little red dots showed up all over their face? I'm still getting sick but I'm not dehydrated but now I have all these little bright red bumps all over my face. It looks like someone took a sharpie and polka-dotted me! Did this ever happen to anyone else? 
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