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Stuck in the hospital at least another day...

So to update those of you who've been following my drama... I'm still here in the hospital...  I was really REALLY hoping to go home today, but the dr said at least one more day, more than likely I'll be out tomorrow...  I guess it's better to be safe than go home and need to come back, but I was hoping to get home just the same.

So, things I miss most:
1- My furbaby
2 - home cooked food.  Hospital food STINKS!
3 - my DVR and channel guide.
4 - No having wires in my arms and oxygen in my nose :-)

 Anyways - I feel like I should get a t-shirt - I SURVIVED H1N1! 

And for your public service announcement for the day - the risks associated with a vaccine are far lower than the risks associated with all the medication you'll need to be on if you do indeed get the flu.  To each his own, but that's definitely something that should be figured into the equation when you're making your decision. 


Re: Stuck in the hospital at least another day...

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