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Thank you guys!

Well, it's been about 4 months now since I made the move to NY from Ohio, and I just wanted to tell you all thanks for welcoming me and making me feel like I have friends here.  I know I've only met a handful of you, but I really do feel like I know many of you, and I am thankful that I have somewhere to turn for ideas or support from local moms.  I wish I could get to know more of you in person as well.

Sorry if this post is corny....just feeling emotional today...missing family and feeling thankful for friends. 

Re: Thank you guys!

  • I think it's really sweet of you to post this, and I swear- if I ever have to move- the Nest/Bump is the first place I'd go to meet other ladies from the area.
  • I'm glad you are in the area now.  It was nice meeting you!
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  • don't feel like it's corny. I have posted a post like this several times.  All of my friends in NY came from the Nest.  Without them I would be sitting here having noone to talk to
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