2nd Trimester

Too much...?

Is it possible to eat too much crap?! It's terrible, I feel like when you're on your period and you want chocolate all the time..only I have felt like that everyday for the past month...and everything else crappy sounds good too!! Chips, cake, cheese, McDonalds... Ahhh...1st Tri. I didn't let anything terrible go into my system! Am I alone? Any tricks?

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Re: Too much...?

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    You're not alone. I sure hope there isn't a "too much" I've been *trying* to find healthy alternatives like Granny Smith apples instead of Sour Patch Kids. 
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    This is me too!! I always eat healthy but right now it's so hard.  I have made a few changes.  In stead of candy bars I found some pretty yummy granola bars, I have traded in sweet/sour candy for organic fruit snacks, and forced myself to eat fruit before eating any meal to fill up.  
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    My only indiscretion is chocolate and other sweets, so I got Jello pudding cups, which are VERY flavorful and rich they hit the spot at only 110 calories a pop (way better than 450 per slice of cheesecake). But my cravings have died down a little, and I'm more turned on now by juicy and tart fruit like honeycrisp apples, oranges and pineapple. Mmmm.

    I've never really been a fan of sweets though pre-pregnancy, but I did always enjoy lots of yummy red wine so I think the sweet tooth is me making up for the lack of it!


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    mmm....cheese....that's been my favorite Big Smile
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    i want chips so bad...specifically doritos, cheetos puffs, salt n vinegar or sour cream n onion pringles.
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