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F/U Boss found out i am pregnant

Yesterday I posted about how my boss found out I was pregnant cause someone told on me and that there was a possibility my supplemental pay would be cut: https://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/25429482.aspx

So  today I talked to my deputy warden who basically stated that they were going to change my assignment to basically put me on desk duty. HOWEVER they could not demand that i go on light duty and since I was not on light duty they could not take my pay.  So even though it sucks that I will be stuck doing all kinds of stupid projects and other people's work at least they will not be cutting my pay. And my boss promised that I could return to my previous assignment as soon as I come back from maternity leave. So I guess it is a win for me! 

Re: F/U Boss found out i am pregnant

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