2nd Trimester

So many BH so early...

Today was such a crappy feeling day! I had strong BH & cramping all day. Chasing after my toddler and tolerating my high maintenance yappy dogs didn't help, I'm sure. Tons of water helped a little but it makes me nervous knowing the baby's lungs aren't viable yet. I had BH a lot with DD and I had her spontaneously on her due date so I know that should be comforting, but still. Ok, thanks for the vent ladies.

Re: So many BH so early...

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    I have them all the time and they often hurt. My doc says since i just had a baby i'm more prone to have them...grreeeaat just what i was looking forward to. hope you feel better
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    If it makes you feel any better, I have been having alot of BH since about 18 weeks and baby is still doing fine at 33 weeks.  Drinking alot of water helps, like you said.  I'm sure you'll be fine--hang in there!
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    I've been having a ton and for the last couple of days they've come with a lot pressure in the cervix/vagina area.  I'm going to call tomorrow just to be sure. 
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    I've been having days where I have a lot too!  Definitely don't remember having them this early with DS.
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