2nd Trimester

Today is Groundhog's Day...

1) My shower pipe burst, flooding downstairs neighbors, and now we can't use our shower until AT LEAST tomorrow afternoon.

2) My last pair of work pants that fit split at the seams today.

3) We just got a bill from a mechanic for work that was done in August because they "forgot to bill us for Labor" - uh, too bad. I paid in full. You can't ADD things to the freaking bill 3 months after I paid what was due, and then charge me late fees. Screw you.

4) I was denied a pay raise today because I am not "friendly enough" with my co-workers. Uh, is that a valid reason? I come to work to work, not make friends. The customers love me, and I have never had a complaint. I'm not RUDE to my co-workers, I'm just not fake and gossipy with people I don't want a personal relationship with. Lame.

5) I was supposed to get tomorrow off work, and now I'm being flaked on, and forced to come in (I have not had a day off with DH in over a month - I was really looking forward to some "us" time). 

Vent Over. :) 

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Re: Today is Groundhog's Day...

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    Bummer! When it rains it pours! I hate days like that! Hope some good news comes your way soon to balance it all out!
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    I'm so sorry that sucks.....worst day ever Sad but #4 made me laugh a little because if that was the case I'd never get a raise. I hate most of my coworkers but my clients LOVE me Smile
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