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Chester County Hospital or Paoli?

I am new to the bump and my husband and I plan to start trying to get pregnant in the next six months. I currently go to Chester County OBGYN for my annual visits, but only ever see the NP (who I love), but realize she will not be with me during my pregnancy. I have always been more familiar with Paoli Hospital, but that would require my to change doctors (my family doc gave me Dr Chastney's name there). Either way, it seems like I'll be starting over with a new doc at either hospital. Can anyone give me the pros and cons over one or the other? I know CC has a great NICU and have heard that Paoli's new rooms are beautiful and guarenteed private. Any other thoughts?

Re: Chester County Hospital or Paoli?

  • I used to work in NICU in the at CC....either are ok.  I personally like main line health a little better. 

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  • I delivered at Paoli and loved it. My DS was born on April 5th and they had already delivered something like 60 babies so far that month... they were packed! They were making offices into rooms and everything. We never would have guessed that they were so full... the staff was awesome and very attentive. I would deliver there again in a heartbeat! Good luck!
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  • I delivered in August at Paoli and I would go there again in a heartbeat.  My daughter was also sent to NICU immediatly and then transferred to DuPont within 12 hours for surgery so if something is wrong and the baby needs more than they can offer they react quickly.

    Everyone we came in contact with was wonderful.

    I don't personally have experience with chester county, I switched ob's to paoli when I got pregnant.

  • definitely paoli
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  • I've never been to Paoli but I delivered at Chester County in August and was really happy and will def deliver there again (assuming all goes according to plan that it is!).  The delivery rooms are really nice, I had a private recovery room, and I thought the food was really good.  It was my first time staying at a hospital so I wasn't sure what to expect but I have absolutely no complaints.  The nurses were all wonderful too (well, one one was kinda -eh- but beyond that, I liked them all.  I go to CCObGyn too.

    It sounds like lots of folks liked Paoli so you really can't go wrong either way I guess.

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  • What do they have in the delivery rooms at ChesCo?  I heard they just revamped the maternity area this past year. 
  • I chose Chester County.  The ER helped my husband when he was goofy and did wonders when I miscarried. 


    Paoli's rooms for cancer patients are very nice but that's my only experience.  I was visiting a friend.

  • I just went through this same struggle. I also am currently going to CC OBGyn (have been for years) but also seeing the NP (who I adore!). I have always heard such amazing things about Paoli and know a lot of people who have delivered there, but dont personally know anyone who has delivered at CC.  I also really would like to have a private room, which is something I know I will get at Paoli. Not to mention the fact that Paoli is closer to our home and I know one of the L&D nurses. I have talked to a lot of my friends, and friends of friends and have decided to join the GV ObGyn practice. Will be transferring my records over shortly (FYI - you have to send a letter and $30 to CC ObGyn to have your records transferred).
  • maybe you could visit both and see which one you like better?  paoli has all private rooms, but they don't have a "nursery" meaning the baby will room w/ you 24/7 while you are there. that's a great thing for some people, and not for others. cch has a level 3 nicu where paoli is a level 2 (i believe).  i delivered my first @ cch and will deliver my third there as well.  i've been w/ ccobyn for almost 20 years, and i personally wouldn't change docs just to deliver @ paoli. you can see your NP up until you deliver. they like you to schedule appts with the docs so you can try and meet all of them, but it isn't 100% necessary. imo the facilities and level of care at both are very similar

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  • Thank you all so much!! I really appreciate the feedback.
  • Paoli has a nursery, they are open from 11pm until 6am otherwise the baby rooms with you.  Unless, of course, you are unable to take care of the baby for medical reasons. 
  • The Chester County Hospital has a Level III NICU, which is the only one in Chester County.  The NICU is affiliated with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and NICU physicians are also CHOP physicians.   Very few babies have to be transferred out of the facility for care. 

    The Chester County Hospital also gives birth to about 2,600 babies each year, and are known for their patient satisfaction and quality.

    Private rooms are nice, but I would go with the hospital with a higher level of resources.   

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