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Did Anyone Watch "Deliver Me" Last Night?

The one with the chick who had Type II Diabetes, refused to eat properly, wanted her baby out at 34 weeks and then LEFT the hospital when she was mandated to stay in the hospital on bed rest?

Ugh!  Pissed me off so bad.  DH was sitting there, muttering under his breath, in bed.  "Selfish, selfish, selfish..."

Re: Did Anyone Watch "Deliver Me" Last Night?

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    I totally saw that! And the chick with diabetes was like, on her 4th child, right? You would think by number 4 you would understand the risks. O_O

    Diabetes scares me so bad.

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    Yeah! I saw it WOW! The end was the worst.
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    I've never heard of "Deliver Me", is it a real life show like "A Baby Story?"  If so, I agree with your hubby....Selfish!
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    I have seen that one, I couldn't believe her choice to leave the hospital...but it made me wonder what her home circumstances were - didn't they make some reference to not having childcare for her other children?
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    True about her homelife, but still...  Her numbers were glucose level was like 400+!  

    And to just "leave" the hospital without anyone's permission?  That's insane.

    Yes, "Deliver Me" is like a reality show about an OB-Practice... I believe it's also on TLC.  Or DHC. 

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    what channel is this show on?????
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