2nd Trimester

Okay what I miss?

My boss has some nerve. He expects me to really go see patients. Since I was out what did I miss? Any good dirt? I'm having lunch now, so bumping I go.

Re: Okay what I miss?

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    There have been some gems.

    I shall try and compile them. Definitely look for the hot threads below. There was also quite the train wreck on 3rd this morning.?

    And tell your boss to back off! Geeze. Doesn't he know you have bumping to do??

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    I didn't check the boards for a full weekend. I was concerned I would miss something good (probably did). Now I'm trying to catch up...much more fun than actually working at work.
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    Thank you so much. I did read the 1 about some chix calling you a dragon. How dare she!
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