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Natural Birth in Peoria

I wanted to use a midwife for my birth, but it's looking like that won't be an option because my insurance considers them "out of network," and thus much more expensive.

So I want to find a doctor who will be supportive of natural birth, and a hospital that encourages it (ie: they'll let me get in the shower, have a doula, labor out of bed). I want as little intervention as possible (which is why I wanted to use a midwife!)

So, does anyone know of any doctors in the Peoria area (I'll be living just north of Westgate) who could give me this experience? I'm willing to drive further if I need to, so I want to hear about any good doctors in the Valley, but obviously I would prefer to stay close to home.


Re: Natural Birth in Peoria

  • Hi there! I go to Bethany Women's Healthcare

    They have midwives and OB's there. My insurance is paying for me to see a midwife, yay! But I'm sure the OB's there are used to patients who want a natural birth. They deliver at Bethany Baptist hospital which according to my midwife has low CS rate and I know I will be able to birth in whatever  position I want and they even said my husband can catch the baby if he wants. 

    You should check them out!

     Also since you seem to be into natural parenting you should check out Their boards are awesome for people like us!

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