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** Quick Grab and go meals**

So I'm starting to prepare and think about life once LO is here- what were the best things to have on hand...My dh is only going to be home for a week and i can see myself making lunch, I want a list of things to send dh for on that first shopping trip to stock up...

I'm thinking cereal bars, cut up fruit plates and veggie trays, hummus, those pre bottled smoothies, bagels, yogurt...

what was your go to food? 

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Re: ** Quick Grab and go meals**

  • After Tyler was born, I had a serious addiction to graham crackers.  I don't know why, they have never been a favorite.  I kept a small bag of them right in Ty's room at night because the first couple weeks I would STARVE when I nursed.

  • What about some quick things like soup?

    Other stuff we stocked up on - pizza bagel supplies, eggplant parm (BJs has great frozen trays of these!), pasta supplies (marinara, meatballs for DH, canned artichokes, etc), granola bars, yes lots of yogurt, frozen dumplings from the Asian grocery store, mashed taters that we froze.

     With my first baby, DH stayed with me the whole time in the hospital, and we stocked up before baby arrived, so DH wasn't running out when we got home.

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  • I lost my appetite after DS was born...and I think this was part of by BF issues. I had to force food down my throat, gagging at every swallow. It was terrible.

    I have heard of this happening to other maybe plan for that too?

    I'm planning on having a lot of fruit and bland foods, just in case it happens again. As well as the bf helpers: oatmeal, ice cream, whole milk, etc.

  • we bought a bunch of frozen type meals for dinners - like, ravioli and meatballs, Chinese frozen dinners, breakfast skillets...DH only has a few days off, and he's planning on spending his time at the hospital with me, and just a couple days at home - so this way if I'm not up for cooking, these are meals that he can make when he comes home from work.
  • I ate mostly oatmeal for breakfast (to try to help supply issues), cold cuts were really convenient for lunch in the beginning and we bought some forzen pizzas, ravioli, etc.. for dinner.  Luckily, DH is a great cook and made large pots of chicken soup, goulash and beef stew in the beginning.  We did do take-out a few nights as well. 
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  • I bought some frozen pizza, pasta, hamburger helper, tuna helper, soups.  Before I had her I cooked up like 5 pounds of hamburger and froze them into 1 pound ziploc bags.  And a few bags of cooked, cubed chicken.  That way it was cooked and just had to be heated.

    I was due in August though and also bought a bunch of hot dogs and had frozen hamburger patties for DH to grill.

    We mostly ate stuff people brought over.  2 people brough lasagna and we also received ziti and a rotissery chicken.

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