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When they stand in the crib how long do you let them cry?

before going in? I tried putting ethan down for a nap and he popped up grabbed the bars and stood up.  He doesn't know how to get down. So I layed him down once and he popped up again and I left the room.  He was quiet and just shaking his blanket and now he is screaming.  I know alot of you went through this.  It's only been 6 minutes but to hear him cry seems like an hour to me. He isn't trying to lay down he's just shaking the bars.(I love the video monitor).  Should I go lay him down again? let him cry? I remember skroops pics of zoey but it doesn't seem like he is trying to kneel.  I think I heard shannon tell melanie that going in resets their crying.  Advice please

Re: When they stand in the crib how long do you let them cry?

  • There were times (and still are) that I would have to lay him down a few times before he settled down enough to fall asleep. I often had to listen to the type of cry he was giving before deciding what to do. If he seemed to be whimpering or some version of it, I'd lay him down and leave. If he was inconsolably crying, I'd take him out and soothe him, then try again in a little while when he was showing some definite signs of being tired.
  • Justin did the same thing- shaking the bars, showing no signs of wanting to lay down. I say give it awhile. It only took 2 days for Justin to "get" sleep training but DH and I would set a timer for 30 mins. If he stood/shook bars for the 30, then we would take him out to relax/calm down for 10 mins. I know 30 mins seems long but please, please believe me- in the long run it's soooo worth it.
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  • I hope he ended up laying down for his nap ok :)  It seems like something that alot of babies go through- you are so lucky to have the video monitor. 

    I just wanted to mention that G did the same thing and it was only recently that I realized sometimes while she was standing up she was gnawing on the crib rail (can't tell from looking at the outside of the crib, have to look from her perspective)- it's annoying to have little tooth marks on her beautiful crib and I need to buy something to protect it from further damage. 

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