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EBF and First Period?

My baby is almost 8 months old and is exclusively breastfed.  Since I came to work 5 months ago I pump during the day (2-3 times per day).  From the time I get home until I drop her off at daycare she nurses 4-5 times with me.  She gets two bottles of expressed BM at day care.  She only gets one meal of solids during the day (veggie and fruit) and one of BM with cereal.  On the weekends she gets no bottles (all breast), her one meal of solids and I pump once in the mornings.

Nothing has changed.  In fact, she is nursing an extra time during the night...but apparently I got my first period.  Except it was just spotting for a couple of days.  Now its gone again. 

 Is the first period supposed to be like this?  Is this even a true period?  I'm so confused.  And I don't want to call the doctor over something so silly. 

Re: EBF and First Period?

  • I ebf and got my first period at 5.5 months.  I hadn't dropped a nursing session and we hadn't started solids yet so I was really surpsised!  I had another period after that and I'm waiting on my 3rd one now.  I'm not sure that they'll be regular but mine weren't regular pre pregnancy anyway.  When I got my first pp period it was a full blown 5 day long period.  About a month prior to that I had a few days of spotting but not a "real" period.  You can spot without having an actual period.

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  • I EBF and got my period back at 5mo PP.  1st one was 40 days and ones after that ranged from 23-33 days.  You could call if you are concerned, but it may just take a while to regulate. GL

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  • I still have yet to get my first pp period.
  • Nothing for me yet.  Always asking myself if I should buy a pregnancy test!
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  • I've been breastfeeding for almost 20 months now, and although I spotted for a few days about six months ago, I have yet to see the return of a real period. Everybody is different.

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