2nd Trimester


Had am 18 weeks along and had my monthly appointment which consisted of having a papsmear.. All went well, and the baby looks bigger and beautiful... I cant wait to find out what it is..

But now I notice a little brown spotting is this normal after the pap smear.  I know that intercouse can cause spotting but should i be worried. 

our response will be appreciated I tried calling the doctor but there already closed.


  • Yup it's normal after a pap.  If it turns red and continues then I'd call the doctor.
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  • Any time they mess with the cervix there is a possibility of spotting.
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  • Oh Lord, I don't have an answer for you (first time Mommy) but I wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I'm sure you are terrified....I can't believe they wouldn't let you know what is normal.  I will try searching on the internet and see what I can find.  You should lay down and try and relax.  Keep an eye on it and see if it gets worse.  Is your SO or Mom able to be with you for support?  And is there a nurse online?  I'll try calling my hospitals for you...
  • Yes, it's normal to have spotting after a pap smear, but I have never had one that late in a pregnancy.  If it's brown, it's old blood and not a huge concern.  Keep trying to contact your doctor for peace of mind.
  • yes. Normal after a pap.


    I wish all docs would tell people this.

  • I bled after my pap while PG and bled early on after sex, which my Dr. warned me about, so it's totally normal.  If it continues for more than a day or so, call your Dr., but you should be fine.
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  • Both online and the nurse I called said that spotting is normal.  However, if you feel bad pain or the spotting gets heavy to address it with a doc immediatly.  She said the most important thing is to keep calm for the baby, relax and have a little pampering for yourself.  Good luck and keep us posted.
  • THANK YOU!!! Yes I am frightened I was so excited to leave and know everthing was great up until now when the spotting began but Im trying to remain calm.
  • Yes, it is normal. Best thing to do is stay calm and relax. If it turns red or continues then I would call your doctor.
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  • Yes, spotting is normal, and brown =  old. Sounds like nothing to worry about!
  • I wouldn't worry about it too much (as in, as long as it stays brown, I wouldn't go to the ER or anything), but def. call your OB in the morning, and if it turns red, get to the hospital ASAP.

    Good luck.  I hope it turns out to be nothing!

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