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Came back on...

With a quick follow up to my post below. I asked DH's parents, through his sister so as not to put them on the spot, if they could come spend some time with him soon. He's having a hard time right now, with this loss.

Just got an email - they'll be here tomorrow. We are incredibly blessed by our loving families, who have just been there for us as we've gone through all this crap. My mom dropped everything to come stay with me in May (she was there that same night we found out about the baby and had surgery), and now this. It really just makes me cry - in a good way, which is a nice change. :)

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  • They sound like incredable people.
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  • it is great you have such supportive family. even if it means just being there.

    big hugs.

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  • That is great news. Now, go get slome sleep, and know that they are n their way to take care you both.
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  • It's so nice to hear you have such great families, you are blessed for that!
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  • I knew they'd come through for you and DH! I think it's really wonderful that you were able to get this put together for DH. I know my DH has been dealing with it on his own, since he's not really close enough with his family to be comfortable sharing this loss. I hope having his family together with you and him makes the process a little easier to bear.

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  • It's so great you have that support system and that they understand what you and DH need from them.  I also give kudos to you for reaching out- I know that was something I struggled with- it's really important to lean on the people who care about you the most in these trying times.  ~Hugs to you and DH~
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  • That is so so so so cool of them.  That gave me warm fuzzies all over.  We talk a lot about people who make hurtful comments or let us down during this time in our life, but there are so many wonderful people like your ILs who really come through and go above and beyond.

    I'm so glad your DH has such a great family to support him.

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