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Good luck, Bunch!

She just posted this status on FB:  guesses our Mary and Joseph costumes were a little too accurate. My water broke! See you on the flipside..

Here's to a quick, easy delivery!

Re: Good luck, Bunch!

  • That's awesome!  Lots of quick, easy labor dust to Bunch!!
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  • lots of luck to Bunch!

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  • So exciting, thanks for sharing! I hope there's room at the, and that she has a quick and easy labor. Can't wait to see pics of the new little one!

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  • Good luck!
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  • Good luck Bunch!  Can't wait to hear the update.
  • Yay!  Easy labour dust headed to her!
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  • Whoo!!!  Bring on that Nov. 1st baby Bunchie!!!  Quick and easy labor dust to you... I hope you are holding your little one in your arms by now!!!

    H ;)

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