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mastitis, plugged duct, or just engorged?

I have all of the symptoms for mastitis except the high fever (I had a low fever (99.3) that was relieved with tylenol) & no red spot on the breast (I googled images).  It could also be a plugged duct but I also have flu-like symptoms.  My achyness/fatigue stopped after I ate some food and took some tylenol--for the most part.  I can also attribute feeling achey/weak & tired to realizing I have not been eating enough.

  From what I've read, the Dr. will want to see me if I might have mastitis.  Since it's Saturday, I am sure that I will have to wait until Monday--so I was going to wait and see how I feel tomorrow.  Could I really hurt myself by waiting to call til Monday?  I do not want to go to the ER on halloween & w/ the flu going around--but I would hate to make matters worse. (and since I dont have a high fever & redness on the breast--I would hate for it to just be engorgement) 

Anyone that has had mastitis or a plugged duct have any insight?  Thanks!

Re: mastitis, plugged duct, or just engorged?

  • I had mastitis and never had the red spot. I had a high fever at first and flu-like symptoms (aching, chills, weakness, headache). Then my fever dropped down to a low grade fever. Tylenol helped relieve the fever.

    If I were you and you're not super uncomfortable, I would wait it out if you can since you're likely to sit in the ER for hours and hours since it's not a life-threatening emergency. It was 2 days before I saw the Dr. and got any antibiotics, and I was fine. That said, I was in a lot of pain so I would've preferred sooner than later. It did reduce my supply for a week or two but it went right back to normal after that.

    But do what you're comfortable with!

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  • I got clogged ducts with my 1st all the time in the first month or so and it hurt like hell. You could certainly give them a call...check your temp before calling them because I am sure they will ask what it is...but at least you will have piece of mind by calling them....

    That being said, the thing that would help when I had this problem was massaging the area..(it hurts like heck, but I would really push hard) while DD was nursing , or I would pump, but her suck was stronger than the pump and also I would hold a very warm, hot facecloth on the hardened area to help.

    Once it unclogs you will know believe me!!

    Good luck...and hope you feel better soon.

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