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I've read on a couple posts that people have used pre-seed.  Anyone out there wanna talk about it?  Did you like it?  Did it work?

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  • Personally I love it. It doesn't have a smell, feels natural, and is easy to apply. I have used it the past three cycles and so far no luck. I just finished my 4th cycle of Clomid which tends to dry up CM so the Pre-Seed is great. I know some people think it's a little pricey but in the scheme of things it's nothing compared to all the money I am spending on fertility treatments. There is no harm in trying it. I order mine from Good luck!
  • Just finished my second cycle with Clomid and I'm having the same problem with CM drying up so we bought some.  I have only heard positive things about this product so I figure it couldn't hurt!
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  • I used it.  It was a very naturally feeling lubricant.  I didn't get PG while using it but probably due to other reasons (I needed IVF to get PG). The thing I liked best about it was that it didn't get sticky like some of the others do.
  • Thanks gals.  I went online last night and ordered some.  We have been TTC for 7 months.  I'm on my 3rd cycle of Clomid....1st 2 were 50 mg and this one was 100 mg.  I didn't experience the dryness with the 1st 2 cycles but this time I did.  It was so dicourageing!  I'm sure that's probably why I got a BFN yesterday and again today.  Ugh!  This TTC stuff can be so hard, on so many levels.

    Good luck and baby dust to all!

  • well damn, i was really hoping one of the replies said they got pregnant the first month of trying like all of the testimonials on the website say! I used it for the first time last cycle AND tried to have sex every single day, and no such luck... I still like the theory of it, and if it has the potential to help, i'm all in. I really hate the way you apply it though. It comes with these tubes that remind me of a tampon, and that's the exact way you insert it... very romantic!
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  • We used pre-seed and after 2 treatments of Clomid we got pregnant! The Pre-seed made it all a lot easier. It feels natural but requires a little more in the post clean up department. It does tend to be on the pricey side, but like someone else mentioned before, in light of the fertility treatment costs, it's not that much.
  • We have had success 2x with PreSeed... our issue is getting the baby to stick once we get prego. It took us 3 cycles for both pregnancies. GL
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