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PIP wedding: flower girl

did you have one? (or more?) show us your fave pic of her!

(ok, my niece will kill me, but I love this one. she couldn't get her hose to stay up!)


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Re: PIP wedding: flower girl

  • That is so funny 

    We did not have a flower girl or ring bearer 

    Summer 2011
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  • My sweet niece Avery. She was only 2.5 and was such a trooper. She fell asleep on top of a table, sucking her thumb and cuddling her blanket, at the end of the night. What a cutie!

    (Would you believe she was born at 30 weeks? She's our miracle girl. Totally healthy and smarter than all of us combined)


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  • I actually don't have one of her separately. :-(  And the posed ones of us in the sanctuary didn't come out that great.


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  • So cute!

    I did have a flower girl. She was 3. She ended up getting a nose bleed during pictures and I kept asking where she was, but they were keeping her away from me so that I wouldn't panic. It was so bad that they had to take her dress and wash/dry it.....she was running around in panties not long before the ceremony when I seen her and asked what was going on!! The dress barely made it back in time!! LOL!!

  • image

    DH's niece. She is extremely shy. This was completely candid. The photographer caught the moment perfectly. I love this pic.

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  • This is my Fav pic of the girls.The 2 on the end were our flowergirls(sisters) and the middle was our "bubble"girl,she gave out bubbles at the church.


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