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Amazing Coupon lady

Did any of you guys see on Good Morning America on thursday the mom that would get groceries for her family of 6 for 4 dollars a week.. she would get like 267 dollars worth of groceries and only spend a penny after all of her coupons.. i'm amazed by her and i want to figure out where she finds all this coupons online at.. i so want to be like that.. i could have some spending money for myself if we didn't spend so much on groceries :) hehe

Re: Amazing Coupon lady

  • Oh my...I don't watch TV, so I had no clue.  My Sunday paper has sucky coupons and I hardly find any good ones online...
  • I started becoming coupon savy over the last 2 months, and the lady on Good Morning America has to be spending bucks to get some of those coupons for sure. Alot of couponing deals are good for stacking up on that product so you would need a ton of the same manufactured coupon for that 1 product which means buying multiple newspapers or buying them on ebay and other online single coupon sources.

    I personally get 2 copies of sunday paper and always print my limit (which is usually 2 copies) of online coupons (redplum/ The key is to match these manufactured coupons with store coupons (like target/walgreens) and their in store specials. It takes a bit to figure out store coupon policies + matching the coupons, but there are coupon blogs that will help you out with deal scenerios each Sunday.

    My DH is sick of hearing me talk about coupons ;)

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  • Do you know anyone that doesn't coupon, but gets the Sunday paper?  If so see if they will give you their inserts next week (same thing if they get a free newspaper insert in the mail with coupons).  Talk with your friends who coupon and see if they will give you the coupons they won't use and vice versa.  You could also ask your local librarian (I would try a smaller branch first), and see if they would be willing to give you the coupon insert from the newspaper they subscribe to from the library. 

     When you have the list of items you want to buy always check to see if their is a store and/or manufacturer's coupon online (most stores will only let you stack one store and one manufacturer's coupon per product bought).  Try to buy items when they are on sale and you have a store and manufacter's coupon.  Stock pile when items are onsale so you don't have to buy the item until it is on sale again. 

    Know your stores coupon's pile.  Some will double all coupons under 50 cents, but some will only double one of each product type no matter how many you buy.  Some don't double at all.  And, some won't let you stack.  And, look out for special days when stores double up to 1 dollar off coupons.  Check and see if your store will allow you to use a buy one get one free coupon (B1G1) with their own B1G1 special to get both free (CVS does this).

     Money Saving Mom is a great blog to read when you are getting started with this level of couponing.  I've honestly never gotten 267 worth of food for 4 or 6 dollars.  I also doubt she bought much meat (as in steak or chicken as you can find coupons for sausage, lunchmeat, etc.) on that trip.  I have cut my grocery bill in more than half before, and I'm perfectly happy with that. 


  • The consensus on the Money Matters board was that this woman can't possibly be buying a lot of fresh produce and meats.  You can get items for free or nearly free if you're hard core into clipping and buying coupons and shopping multiple stores each week, but when was the last time you saw a coupon for a bag of potatoes or a gallon of milk?  The only way I can think that she gets items like that free is if she gets money back from coupon overages or the "buy $25 of xyz product, get $5 off your next order" specials you sometimes see in stores. 


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  • there was a post about it a couple of days ago and my thought was while it is awesome to not spend a dime for groceries but how much does she spend on getting the coupons (buying 5 papers or whatever) and her stockpile was all junk food that i wouldnt eat even if it was free. besides the seafood i didnt see her buy one healthy thing or one thing that i eat. she had poptarts, lipton noodles and other junk up the wazoo but id rather eat fresh and pay then get it for free and eat crap.
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