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Halloween Night Good Times...

So, gave out all the candy to the little trick or treaters, had so many children DH had to run out and get more candy! It was super fun, this is our first home that actually had kids come to the door, we used to live in a condo and they didn't allow the kids to come door-to-door. Although, we saw two completely inappropriate costumes:

1st : 11 to 13 year old boy dressed as a Dead Baby...no jokes. I told him his costume was disgusting...but I still gave him a candy :(

2nd : 10-year-old-Hitler- Really? Who's parent lets a kid be Hitler??? Do you know that you will be visiting peoples home all night, and who knows who will answer the door??? I was more shocked at Lil' Hitler than Dead Baby kid.

Does Vodka cancel out all the pomegranate juice goodness? I made myself a little something, with real pomegranate seeds (natch!) but I think the vodka ruins the whole purpose of drinking the pom in the first place..oh well, it's delish!


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..The little boy made for me in the stars.
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