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Grass fed filet mignon last night!

I didn't get a chance to share, but last night DH and I celebrated our 4 yr wedding anniversary. His parents got over late to watch the kids though, so we missed our reservation at our favorite steak house. We ended up going to another restaurant we used to like, but hadn't been to in awhile. I just got the half fillet with smashed potatoes since it was only $14. Um, yeah, ended up being "to die for good." I've never tasted meat so good in my life. I had the waitress as the cook if it was grass fed beef and sure enough it was. It was so lean with not an ounce of stringy fat or anything and it just melted in your mouth with a buttery garlic sauce on top. Oh my holy goodness......

Also made it next door to the home school/teacher supply superstore and got DS a few workbooks for Xmas. He loves that kind of stuff so hey, might as well feed his need for learning.

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