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halloween blues

seeing all these adorable trick or treat'rs makes me sad not have a little one of my one to take around...

[It's bad enough I work in a children's portrait studio and am constantly surrounded by babies and little ones.]

 Just got another BFN, so it just makes it that much worse. ...sigh.



Re: halloween blues

  • I hear ya!  Today I'm 13 DPO and took a test...BFN.  Then I had to give out candy to all the adorable kids in the neighborhood.  Just what I felt like doing...ugh!  Guess I'll wait a couple days and test again.

    Good luck to us both!

  • Ditto to this...


    Yesterday I find out that I didn't ovulate, with Clomid, again.  I come over to the in-laws today to see the kids in their costumes.  I walk in and SIL gives me 1. "What to expect when you're expecting" 2. "The New Father" and 3. a baby brag book.  She smiles and says, "It's for when... well... you know, you do get pregnant... in the future."  She's preg. with her 3rd.  She then goes out shopping before dinner and buys a ton of baby outfits for her new little one.  When she comes in she says, "You have to see the new outfits I bought! They are so cute!"  I go home, feeling terrible, to pass out candy.  See the cute kids and feel, well, worse.  She's the model of fertility so I can't expect her to understand why this is hard but I would love a bit of sensitivity every once in a while.  (And yes, she is aware of the problem.)  She later appologized saying, "I didn't give you that stuff to push you, you know." I said,"You can push all you want... I'm not ovulating so all the pushing in the world won't help."  Fun times.


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  • I felt the same way while walking around the mall yesterday. It was raining where we live so the mall was packed with little kids dressed up going from store to store. I just kept myself focused on what I was there to get and then I got out!
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