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I just pulled the bananas out of my grocery bag from yesterday.  There is/was a HUGE spider that made a web in there.  I am very arachnophobic plus allergic to bites.  I just sprayed them with pesticide.  There were only 4 bananas and you'd think I'd have noticed that when I bought them or the spider somehow found it's way into my grocery bag.  EWWWWW!  And when I sprayed it, it obviously ran.  I know I hit it twice.  Please please please wish that thing dead for me.  I'm terrified to go in the kitchen right now.  I think FIL is getting called down here when they get home so that thing can be found and killed because I can't kill it with a tissue without puking.  Seriously.  My skin is crawling and ds is picking up on my severe stress vibes.  And now I have to clean everything vicinity of said bananas to get rid of the poison.


  • FIL is going to help kill it when he gets home in a bit.
  • Ew!!! I so know how you feel! I'm the same way. I can't even kill a spider with a tissue. It HAS to be something more durable like a shoe or something. Ugh! Good luck!
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  • It's one of the few bugs I make DH kill.  I can't do it.  I can't get near them without freaking out.  And I feel bad that I stressed DS so badly because of my own stress, but I at least got plenty of cuddles tonight while waiting for FIL (who didn't find it).  And DS actually sitting with me calmed me down more than I realized.  I told FIL if I somehow find a live one tomorrow I'm calling for him to do spider killing duty.
  • We have had a few HUGE wolf spiders in our apartment.  I make DH vacuum them up if I don't spray them with some sort of cleaner repeatedly until they die.  SCARY!
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