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Virtual Halloween Parade

PIP your little cuties in their costumes/Halloween wear below!

Re: Virtual Halloween Parade

  • J, my little Fireman, thinks Halloween is pretty fun! 

  • imageBackthePack:

    J, my little Fireman, thinks Halloween is pretty fun! 

    Brooks has these PJs too!

    We haven't gotten our pics off the camera yet. Boo!

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  • J is PRECIOUS! He looks like he's having a blast.

    Here's my little witch- she prefers a musical zebra to a broom, lol.


    <img width=300 src="">

    This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

    [img];42;3/st/20080808/n/Madeline Grace/k/755d/age.png[/img]
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  • imageunc00ref:

    Brooks has these PJs too!

    Can I tell you how excited I was to find PJs that I could double as a costume! And I got them for $ Halloween purchase ever! :) 

  • Oh they are so sweet...and so happy :-)

    Here is my Little Stinker:



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  • Liam was an Olympic Gold Medalist this year.  We almost didn't take him, but he had a blast trick or treating!


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  • My siggy pic from last weekend is the best one I have of Natalie in her costume.  we only went out for a little while tonight and she was more afraid then anything.  It was getting pretty dark when we finally made it out so I don't think she was that into it. 

    Back -- J looks so big!  What a cutie.

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  •  Here's my little ladybug! 


  • All the LO's are so cute!



  • My little giraffe


  • Friday at school:



     Saturday Trick or Treating


    Katie, Duke Gardens, 6months


    Zach, Duke Gardens, 6months


    Photo courtesy from the amazing Ever You Photography!

  • Not the best picture...this is our little Bam Bam


  • imagetoadslove:

    Not the best picture...this is our little Bam Bam


    I wish I would have known that he was going to Bam Bam, I would have gladly sent you Connor's costume from last year.

    Boots in my siggy Big Smile 

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  • Hmmm, let's see if I can actually figure out how to do this:

    imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic'>

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