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Crappy Halloween vent

I was so excited to hand out candy, and I knew Maddie would be excited to see all the dressed up kids, so we were set up and ready to go by 5:30 (we have a lot of elementary age kids in our neighborhood). We were going to give out candy for a couple of hours, then go to Zaxby's for dinner real quick- they were having a kid's costume contest and DH really wanted Maddie to enter b/c he loves Zaxby's.

Well, at 7 we still hadn't had a single TOTer, so we decided just to run go pick up dinner and come right back. I left a big witch's cauldron of candy out on the porch with a sign saying that we'd be back soon, please help yourself to one piece of candy.

We were gone for 30 minutes and all the candy was gone when we got back :(. Makes me so sad that someone would take it all! Maybe I am just naive, but when I was growing up I never even thought about taking more than one piece when I saw a sign like that. Luckily we had a little bit left that we were hoping to save for ourselves, so we used that.

Plus we had several kids ask for another kind of candy, and one girl even asked if we had any bottled water (??-we didn't). I just wonder what happened to saying thank you and Happy Halloween, no matter what you get.

Sigh. Does this mean I'm old? I'm so looking forward to Maddie being old enough to go out, I really don't have the desire to hand out candy anymore :(.

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This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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Re: Crappy Halloween vent

  • Oh I HATE when kids (well, anybody really) are rude!! I'm sorry that happened to you guys. 

    If it makes you feel any better, we went to a Trunk or Treat event tonight, but were home by 6:30 which left plenty of time to hand out candy but we kept our lights off because we didn't want to deal with them. Yes - I'm pretty sure that means I'm old.

    Plus, last year I had former students come find my house. I taught in the next county over...stalker much!  Thankfully they were nice & didn't want to egg my house or anything - they really just wanted to meet J. Oh well - I don't care, leave me alone!

  • imageBackthePack:

    were home by 6:30 which left plenty of time to hand out candy but we kept our lights off because we didn't want to deal with them. Yes - I'm pretty sure that means I'm old.

    We almost bought candy for TOTers yesterday, but then decided not to bother.  I knew I'd be working on a paper all day & wouldn't be in the mood to deal with the dogs barking everytime someone came to the door (esp after a horrible night's sleep).  And DH was in the woods this morning and this evening hunting, so he's not even home to help.  So..I'm being an old person, too, with my lights off and a sign on the door, in case someone doesnt get the hint, that there's NO CANDY at our house! 

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  • i can't believe someone actually asked for a different kind of candy!  rude much??  i can see some kids taking a handful of candy instead of one piece but not the whole bowl - that's just greedy!  


    we sat home w/our lights off too lol. i feel bad bc we're the new people in the neighborhood, but i just did not want to deal with our dog and TOTers.  plus the last thing i need is a bowl of candy hanging around!! thankfully there really aren't too many kids in our neighborhood so we probably wouldn't have gotten any anyways. 

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  • That's really crappy, jenhum!  I'm with you - I would have NEVER taken more than one piece!

    In years past, we used to let the kids choose their piece of candy (so they could pick their favorite)...until they started asking, 'how many can I take'?, you greedy snot nosed kid!  I would have NEVER asked that!

    And we have to say...."what do you say?"  These kids don't even say Trick or Treat anymore!

    Know what pissed me off tonight (and years past)?  The kids who run up our lawn...with the parents at the street not saying anything!  How freakin' rude?!?  We just spent $$ w/ a landscaping company to help fix our lawn, and these kids just trample thru it.  Next year we might put up yellow tape to make it look like a crime scene, but keep them off of the grass.  Or put a secret trap sinkhole to trap all of the punks...hehe!

  • imageMrs_M&M:

    Or put a secret trap sinkhole to trap all of the punks...hehe!

    LOL - You are too much! 

  • imageMrs_M&M:

    Or put a secret trap sinkhole to trap all of the punks...hehe!

    That's a great idea!

    I was pretty disappointed with our TOTers this year.  We had maybe 2-3 sets come by.  I always buy too much candy!

    I totally agree that it seems like kids have forgotten their manners or how you should act when TOT.  Ridiculous!

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  • Oh man, jenhum...that stinks! What rude little brats!

    We were disappointed here too. Last year we had a TON of TOTers. We ran out of candy. This year, maybe 10-12 groups or so. And of course I have tons of candy left over. Just what I need--a bowl full of chocolate!

    We one kid say "eww, I don't like that!" (we had quite a variety--snickers, M&M's, twix, 3 Musketeers, tootsie rolls, & mini tootsie roll pops..And I gave each kid like 3 pieces.. So...really??? You didn't like ANY of that?) And really, what a freaking brat for saying that in the first place! Her mom was in the driveway and she just laughed. Ugh.

    Last year we had a kid grab the bowl and start digging through it. Uh.. NO! We had several not say thank you, and several not say trick or treat. Don't get me started on all the age 13+ kids in sorry excuses for a "costume." It just makes me sad. What the hell happened to manners, or parents setting rules? I agree with the pp's in that I don't even feel like dealing with TOTers anymore. It's just no fun.

    Halloween just reinforces how I am bound and determined to raise a polite, gracious child, dammit!


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  • LOL - I totally agree and wrote a very similar blog post about it two years ago.  Those who read the blog can see it on 11/1/7 and you will totally relate!
  • I'm sorry Jenhum, that does really stink!  We went out TOTing with our goddaughter.  We came home around 9:30 to a group of kids being driven through our neighborhood still trick-or-treating.  You know I'm old when I think 9:30 is too late for TOTers.  I had our dog go to the window and bark loudly.  That took care of that problem.  They bypassed our house. 

    Ugghh, where are kids and parents manners?

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  • I am not surprised the entire bowl on candy was gone, in fact I would have been surprised if there was anything left. A bit sad, but I think that is just how it is. It only takes one person to decide they should get all of it and leave nothing for everyone else.

    I do find the asking for bottled water a bit odd. 

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  • imageMrsHughesNC:

    Halloween just reinforces how I am bound and determined to raise a polite, gracious child, dammit!




    We had a bunch of rude kids too, once I'd had enough I turned off our light. One kids was turning our door knob instead of waiting til I got to the door.

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  • Aww, I'm sorry, jenhum. Sad That sucks!  My neighbor had to do the big bowl of candy on the porch this year so she could take her 5yo out. I wondered if some kids would try to take her entire stash, but I think it helped that they could see me or DH from across the street (we sat on our porch last night to give out candy to keep the dogs from going nuts from constant door bell ringing).

    We  have a bunch of TOTers every year, and almost all of them are sweet and respectful. Except for two of them last night. One little boy said, "I don't like chocolate," when I went to hand him a piece of candy. So he peered in the bowl, then said, "Oh, but I like Reese's cups!" Then snatched one from the bowl and ran away. And there was one little girl who, after I'd given her a piece of candy, paused, looked me straight in the face, then reached into the bowl and took a second piece of candy and turned around and ran away! WTF?


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  • That sucks, jenhum Sad

    We went over to a friend's house and kept our lights off here since we don't like the kids in our neighborhood.  While we were over at the other house, this grown lady came around TOT'ing with her kid (13-14 maybe?) and had a bag, wanting candy too.  We were too stunned to say anything right then... but yikes.

    I couldn't believe the number of people who had their parents drive them from house to house.  My parents would've made me walk, otherwise no candy.

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  • We went over to our friends' house because they get more TOTers than we do. ?My girlfriend and I were dressed as black ghouls/witches and speaking to the kids in creepy voices. ?For the kids that were rude/no sense of humor/acting coolpants as they walked back down the driveway, I would cackle "get themmmmmmm!" and our husbands, dressed as scarecrow and the grim reaper, would emerge from the shadow and start chasing them. ?It was hysterical. ?Strangely, the little kids seemed less phased than the older kids (obviously, we didn't go after the little little kids). ?And the boys were way bigger cowards than the girls. ?Later in the night I started crawling around like the Grudge chick, which also seemed to scare the crap out of kids and parents alike. ?I may have to perfect my creepy crabwalk down steps for next Halloween.
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